cover image Must Love Kilts

Must Love Kilts

Angela Quarles. Unsealed Room, , $4.99 ISBN 978-0-9905400-6-9

Quarles’s third Must Love time-travel romance (after Must Love Chainmail) teems with sensuality in the often dangerous world of late 17th-century Scotland. Traci Campbell is vacationing with her sister, Fiona, in present-day Scotland when she agrees to Fiona’s scheme to travel back in time to 1689. Traci wants to prove to Fiona that hot men in kilts are just a myth. But that is before Traci meets Iain MacCowen. He’s definitely hot and thoroughly kilted, and Traci is intensely attracted to him. After one passion-filled night made hazy by alcohol, Traci is forced to return abruptly to the 21st century, but Fiona has disappeared in the 17th century, and Traci heads back to rescue her. As Iain helps Traci to find Fiona, the attraction that begins as a flirtation deepens into romance, and Traci must decide whether she’s willing to leave her 21st-century comforts for a chance at real love. Witty banter and sizzling sex scenes fill the pages of this fast-paced novel and will keep readers eager for the final installment. (BookLife)