cover image The Wolf at the End of the World

The Wolf at the End of the World

Douglas Smith. Lucky Bat Books, $18.99 paper (360p) ISBN 978-0-9918007-3-5

Killings in a remote Canadian town draw the attention of two rival groups: the Heroka, Native American shape-shifters, and the Tainchel, a secret government agency tasked with hunting down the Heroka. Among those investigating the killings are Gwyn Blaidd, a solitary Heroka war hero of the wolf totem, and Kate Morgan, a member of the Tainchel traveling with her visually impaired son, Zach. As the killings continue, dark supernatural forces align in an attempt to rule the world. Smith (Chimerascope) has a thorough grounding in Native American lore, and this creates an immersive and enjoyable reading experience. Readers will delight in learning more about Native American mythology, which is skillfully woven throughout the story. Smith's novel is both well paced and deftly plotted%E2%80%94leaving readers curious about what comes next for the Heroka in the modern world.