cover image Jewels of Persia Cookbook

Jewels of Persia Cookbook

Sharon B-Nejad. Ziba Graphics, $40.99 (240p) ISBN 978-0-9954079-0-9

Living in Australia, B-Nejad was a newlywed who wanted to recreate some of her husband’s favorite Persian dishes at home, 80 of which are gathered in this colorful collection. B-Nejad’s skills as a graphic artist are on full display in the book’s design and her photographs as she guides readers through Persian cuisine, interspersing recipes with breathtaking images of city streets, luxurious boutique hotels, mosques, and markets, accompanied by shots of dishes like saffron rice pilaf with chicken and yogurt, and crisp kebabs sizzling on a grill. Sticklers for authenticity are sure to be pleased with the recipes, while novices may be put off, since many dishes call for hard-to-find spices and labor-intensive preparation methods. But once they’ve cleared that hurdle, they’re likely to find the dishes—such as herb, bean, and noodle soup with lamb meatballs; mixed pickled vegetables; and the classic dolmeh—worth the effort. Home cooks interested in Middle Eastern cuisine in general and Persian cuisine in particular are sure to find plenty of inspiration in this transportive and eye-catching offering. (BookLife)