cover image The Demon Duke

The Demon Duke

Margaret Locke. Locked on Love, $12.99 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-0-9963170-8-5

Locke has outdone herself with this sensitive, splendid Regency and her portrayal of its disabled hero. Damon Blackbourne has a little-known, completely misunderstood neurological disorder (now known as Tourette syndrome) that causes involuntary, uncontrollable nervous muscle twitches. When his father couldn’t beat Damon’s spasms out of him, he banished the 10-year-old to live in exile, and many believed the child had died. Now Damon is 27, a bookish, socially awkward recluse. When a carriage accident claims both the old brute and Damon’s elder brother, he must step up to oversee the family estate and present his younger sisters to society. Unfortunately, society isn’t quite ready to accept the resurrection of the so-called Demon Duke. Meeting and falling in love with bluestocking Lady Grace Mattersley makes for a charming story, but the real value to this romance is Locke’s depiction of the lovers overcoming the social obstacles that others create out of fear and suspicion of Damon’s disability. This tale of hope and courage will appeal to Regency readers across the board. [em](BookLife) [/em]