cover image A Sword in the Sun

A Sword in the Sun

Shannon Page. Outland Entertainment, $16.95 trade paper (266p) ISBN 978-0-9963997-5-3

Page’s bewitching second Nightcraft Quartet urban fantasy (following The Queen and the Tower) opens with biologist witch Calendula Isadora pregnant and grieving the death of her best friend, Logan. Unbeknownst to Callie’s San Francisco coven, the child she carries is half human, a rare occurrence in the witch community. The only person aware of her secret is her wily mentor, Dr. Gregorio Andromedus, a highly respected and powerful warlock who instructs Callie to claim that the child’s father is fellow warlock Jeremy, Gregorio’s son and Callie’s former lover. Shortly after giving birth, Callie is surprised to find her daughter’s magical ability is much stronger than expected. Meanwhile, Logan’s body is stolen and Callie’s search for clues leads her to Gregorio’s lab—where she discovers that she’s not the only one harboring a dark secret. Now she must stop Gregorio’s twisted plan before it tears the magical world apart. Though the plot idles at times, Page’s enchanting worldbuilding and charming heroine will draw readers in, and an exciting cliffhanger ending sets things up nicely for the next in the series. This fascinating blend of science and fantasy is a treat. (Feb.)