cover image Earthking


Christopher C. Hall. Piper, $12.99 paper (304p) ISBN 978-0-9966048-0-2

Hall’s exciting first book in the Earthking Chronicles introduces 14-year-old Colmeron, second in line for the throne of Arnoc. When the king’s closest advisor is found dead, it’s believed to be a hunting accident. But an ancient evil has reappeared, and after a second tragedy occurs, Col is spirited away to safety. As Col and his protector dodge the Noflim, spirits that can possess the dead, he learns more about the history of Arnoc, including the defeat of the Unnamed One, who had been cast out of Heaven and trapped underneath a legendary city called Entaramu (elements of Christian allegory aren’t hard to locate in Hall’s story). Col must find the city and stop the Unnamed One from escaping while evading the Noflim and their monstrous servants, the Kheva Adem. Hall creates a fast-paced and absorbing fantasy, filled with imaginative backstory that includes forest dwelling treelike creatures called the Greenkind and subterranean giants who sleep for decades at a time. Readers should easily sympathize with Col as he overcomes tragedy and adversity to become the leader his people need. Ages 12–up. (BookLife)