cover image Try! Try! Try!

Try! Try! Try!

Lindsey Craig, illus. by Ying Hui Tan. Owlbop, $8.99 (32p) ISBN 978-0-9967212-4-0

In an upbeat board book, a boy enthusiastically imitates friendly woodland animals, including a bear, birds, otters, and bunnies. With a fluid sense of movement, Tan’s appealing, big-eyed creatures run and play, but they are reluctant to try something new: “Now let’s dance!/ I shout with a wiggle./ Oh no! We can’t dance!/ say my friends all-a-giggle.” After a bit of encouraging, a moonlit dance party sees the animals shimmying alongside the boy. It’s a playful reminder that when you “Try! Try! Try!” the result can be a lot of fun. Ages 1–5. (BookLife)