cover image Until the Day I Die

Until the Day I Die

Emily Carpenter. Lake Union, $16 trade paper (268p) ISBN 978-0-9972575-4-0

In this chilling psychological thriller from Carpenter (The Weight of Lies), grief-stricken Erin Gaines is forced to take over the leadership of Jax, the Birmingham, Ala., tech company that her recently deceased husband ran. After a harrowing incident in which Erin arrives seemingly drunk in pajamas at a fraternity party that her college-age daughter, Shorie, is attending at Auburn University, friends and family, including Shorie, stage an intervention. Erin agrees to go to a spa and rehab facility on a small Caribbean island, where she soon figures out that a killer is on the loose. Meanwhile, Shorie discovers that someone, probably a person connected to Jax, is siphoning off money from Jax’s client base. She also comes to realize that somebody involved in the intervention wanted her mother out of the way for nefarious purposes. The tension rises as Erin battles for her life, and Shorie desperately tries to uncover who’s responsible for Jax’s problems. Carpenter keeps the suspense high all the way to the shocking conclusion. Agent: Amy Cloughley, Kimberley Cameron & Assoc. (Mar.)