cover image Pathogen Protocol

Pathogen Protocol

Darren D. Beyer. Darren D. Beyer, $13.99 trade paper (579p) ISBN 978-0-9973366-1-0

Like ripples in a pond, this frenetic space opera sequel to Casimir Bridge moves in bigger and bigger circles outward from the splashy events detailed in the opening volume. Jans Mikel and the other leaders of Applied Interstellar Corp., reeling from the invasion of their extrasolar headquarters, try to keep their source of the wormhole-generating hyperium hidden while security chief Grae Raymus organizes the resistance. Rival corporate power Tech Standard and its head operative, Erik Hallerson, force the issue by seizing the remaining known hyperium supplies, bringing the three Earth superpowers into their court. Mikel’s agent, Mandi Nkosi, makes a desperate attempt to contact a rogue AIC officer who’s now leading an Outer Sphere terrorist group. Beyer gives the reader little time to soak up atmosphere or to puzzle out the mysteries of his universe (such as the presence of telepathic alien AIs that boost human intelligence), but the fast pacing, occasional humor, and clear split between the good guys and bad guys push a lot of questions out of the way as the action pulls the reader forward. (BookLife)