cover image The Soak

The Soak

Patrick E. McLean. Brash, $12.99 trade paper (250p) ISBN 978-0-997832-31-0

Richard Stark fans will relish heistmeister Hobbs, an older Parker in everything but name, as he struggles to pull off one last job in this well-plotted tale of robbery, murder, and revenge from McLean (The Merchant Adventurer). In Florida, Hobbs plans an armored car heist in meticulous detail with the aid of old-time thief Hurlocker, and computer whiz kid Alan, who fingered the job and insists on taking part. The heist comes off despite some mishaps and a rapidly approaching hurricane, but before Hobbs and his gang can depart with the loot, two FBI agents catch up with them. The lure of the $23 million take proves too much for special agent Wellsley, who shoots the robbers and then her own partner, leaving them for dead, but then she can’t find the money. Hobbs barely survives, recovers, and returns for the loot pursued by Wellsley, who feels by now that the money is rightfully hers and is into killing anything that moves. The swift-moving action builds to a satisfying denouement. (May)