cover image Star Marque Rising

Star Marque Rising

Shami Stovall. Capital Station, $14.99 trade paper (436p) ISBN 978-0-9980452-0-7

Rife with action, intrigue, and plenty of backstabbing, Stovall’s space opera takes readers on a bumpy ride through a distant future where genetically modified cyborg humans face off against even more genetically modified superhumans. When tough guy Clevon Demarco is chosen to join the crew of cyborg enforcer starship Star Marque, captained by ruthless Cmdr. Endellion Voight, he accepts without a second thought. Enforcers are usually “fighting the filth of the outer colonies,” but ambitious Endellion has other plans: she wants to become the first human governor of a planet, in contradiction of superhuman tradition. As readers observe her progress through Demarco’s unwitting eyes, it’s hard to believe neither he nor the rest of her crew realizes that her determination masks a deadly ruthlessness. Although the setting and characters lack depth, action fans will enjoy the violence and scheming that drive this story of guile and dark ambition. (BookLife)