cover image Unwrap My Heart

Unwrap My Heart

Alex Falcone. Completely Legitimate, $15 trade paper (176p) ISBN 978-0-9983611-0-9

This absurdist comic romp, the story of a girl and a mummy enduring American high school in the hot, dry Southwest, will charm fans of naive protagonists. Sofia Murdoch is just a normal high school girl with a muscle-bound best friend and an impenetrable obliviousness when she falls for Seth, the hot new kid who wears bandages and leaves piles of dust in his wake. What starts as a geography assignment on the Middle East turns into a frequently interrupted romance that spirals into more as nefarious grave robbers arrive on the scene and it becomes obvious that Sofia’s mother, who abandoned her, had some surprising secrets. The book is saddled with unfortunate continuity errors and a tendency to try too hard for its jokes. This isn’t the best introduction to Falcone’s writing; it works somewhat as a comedy but fails as a romance. (BookLife)