cover image What Am I? Vegetables

What Am I? Vegetables

John Benzee. Split Seed, $18.99 (36p) ISBN 978-0-9997379-0-3

In this guess-the-vegetable book, Benzee presents 15 rhyming “riddles” that hint at common varieties: “I’m grown in pods/ On bush or vine/ With spiraling, twisting spine,/ The size of a pencil rod... What am I?” (a bean). Graphics display each vegetable growing in the dirt and on the vine, or sliced to reveal their seeds and juicy insides—or, in the case of the beet: “My blood oozes out/ When I’m cut in two,/ Now you have an inner view.” Benzee’s descriptions are fun, and the artwork features gentle color contrasts and a crisp, modern feel. With the clues in the riddles, images, and the names of the vegetables appearing in bold capital letters, readers should have an easy time guessing each one. Ages 3–7. (BookLife)[em] [/em]