cover image In the Midst of the Flames

In the Midst of the Flames

JP Robinson. Logos, $15.99 trade paper (340p) ISBN 978-0-9997793-5-4

In the dramatic and intricately plotted second installment to the Northshire Heritage series (following In the Shadow of Your Wings), Robinson continues his exploration of espionage, romance, and faith during WWI. As the war rages across Europe, Sir Thomas Steele, head of the Bank of England, continues to care for his daughter-in-law Leila—a former German spy who was injured during a plot to silence her. In France, Thomas’s son, Malcolm, lies to his friend Will’s wife, Eleanor—claiming Will was killed when he was actually captured—to save Eleanor from worrying. Later, in the midst of battle, Malcolm becomes determined to find his friend. Will, meanwhile, must face repeated challenges, not just to his life but to his faith. Rich with political intrigue and subtle nods to the Bible, this novel’s strength comes in the precise attention to historic detail and evocative imagery. The unrelenting intensity of the subject material falters with some of Robinson’s over-the-top expressions of faith and honor (such as Will’s frequent arguments with God delivered as monologues), but the tension and stakes will keep readers engaged. This should be a hit with fans of inspirational historicals. (Self-published)