cover image Age of War

Age of War

Michael J. Sullivan. Del Rey, $28 (416p) ISBN 978-1-101-96539-9

In this powerful third book (after Age of Swords) of a projected six-book series, Sullivan continues providing excellent worldbuilding and character development while introducing the first true battle in the war between the human Rhune and the elven Fhrey. After Nyphron, a Fhrey allied with humans, secures the surrender of the great fortress of his people, Rhune ruler Persephone must lead her people in their preparations for the inevitable assault from Fhrey leader Fane Lothian. Meanwhile, a young historian and a warrior in training discover evidence that one of the ghoulish raow is hiding in the city and harboring some evil purpose. The world is technologically equivalent to our early Middle Ages: during the course of this tale, steel is invented, the initial use of archers in combat occurs, and a human first rides a horse. Sullivan also gifts readers with complex lives for his characters, filled with tests, triumphs, and tragedies. This isn’t an entry point for the series, but Sullivan’s fans will be delighted. (July)