cover image Cold Reign

Cold Reign

Faith Hunter. Ace, $7.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-1-101-99140-4

In Hunter’s exciting 11th Jane Yellowrock adventure (after Shadow Rites), readers are thrown right into the action. Jane, a skinwalker who’s the official enforcer for the New Orleans master of the city (MOC), and her partner, Eli Younger, take down a rogue vampire who crawled from his grave. They’re then called to a crime scene where they find a vampire and a human in advanced stages of decomposition. The corpses all seem to have a connection to MOC Leo Pellisier and the European vampires who may be after his territory, but vamp politics must take a backseat as riots spring up in the city and a storm laced with ancient magic rages without signs of stopping. Never one to shy away from danger, Jane puts herself right in the fray. She is a tough, complex woman who is physically and spiritually strong and always compelled to do the right thing, even at personal cost. Terrific fight scenes, rich vampire history, and prose as sharp as the stakes Jane carries combine for a heady brew of magic and mayhem. This series just gets better and better. (May)