cover image Summer Secrets

Summer Secrets

Jane Green. St. Martin's, $26.99 (384p) ISBN 978-1-250-04734-2

Green (Saving Grace) offers an unflinchingly realistic view of the havoc that alcoholism can wreak in one's life. Cat has always felt there was something wrong with her, that she doesn't fit in%E2%80%94until the first swig of vodka as a teenager makes her feel as if she can conquer the world. Fast-forward to her 20s, when Cat is working as a journalist in London and having regular alcoholic blackouts. When Cat meets Jason, the love of her life, he encourages her to get sober. But after her mother admits a shocking truth to Cat, she learns that she has a second family on Nantucket%E2%80%94where an alcohol-induced episode leads to a relationship-shattering moment, and Cat once again gets lost in a bottle. When Cat, now in her late 30s, returns to Nantucket and tries to make amends for what she's done, she is forced to face the sad truth that not everyone may accept her apologies, heartfelt as they might be. Green doesn't hold back on the hurt feelings or broken relationships that grip families dealing with alcoholism. This harrowing novel offers hard-earned redemption and healing. (June)