cover image I Know Who You Are

I Know Who You Are

Alice Feeney. Flatiron, $27.99 (304p) ISBN 978-1-250-14734-9

For most folks, being suspected in the disappearance of their spouse would be about as bad as it gets, but not for London actress Aimee Sinclair, the narrator of bestseller Feeney’s shock-filled second thriller (after 2018’s Sometimes I Lie). Aimee’s past is much darker than the disturbing film with a famous director for which she desperately wants to audition—and her future seems to be barreling full tilt toward the stuff of nightmares. For starters, Aimee’s husband of two years, journalist Ben Bailey, vanishes from their Notting Hill town house the day after they have a fight and she asks him for a divorce. The balance of their joint bank account also disappears, and there’s security footage of a woman who could be her doppelgänger making the withdrawal. Feeney displays her linguistic flair in the chapters devoted to her heroine’s harrowing early years, but this affecting backstory seems part of a different, better novel than the present-day story with its cardboard characters on a plot-powered roller coaster. The action speeds toward a finale that’s about as subtle as an ax. Fans of over-the-top psychological thrillers will be satisfied. Agent: Jonny Gellar, Curtis Brown. (Apr.)