cover image Requiem of Silence

Requiem of Silence

L. Penelope. Griffin, $19.99 trade paper (576p) ISBN 978-1-250-14813-1

The deeply satisfying finale to Penelope’s Earthsinger Chronicles (following Cry of Metal & Bone) sees the previously vanquished True Father return in pursuit of Songs, or magic power, with which to wrest back control of Elsira, the kingdom once ruled by his twin sister, the revered goddess Oola. While young Queen Jasminda ul-Sarifor Alliaseen’s husband is away, it falls to Jasminda to guide a divided Elsira through a period of political unrest: there’s been an influx of refugees from neighboring Lagrimar and a spike in violence from Elsiran terrorists who violently oppose them. Meanwhile, Kyara, better known as the Poison Flame, a former forced assassin for the True Father, must come to grips with her destructive power as a Nethersinger in order to defeat the True Father. Chock full of magic, politics, and well-shaded female characters who take no prisoners, this inventive saga is as firmly anchored in the real as it is in the fantastic. The slow start pays dividends in an exciting, page-turning climax full of surprising twists. Ably weaving together the series’ myriad story lines, Penelope crafts well-earned conclusions for each of her complex characters. The result is a worthy finale, sure to gratify the many fans this enchanting world has earned along the way. [em]Agent: Sara Megibow, KT Literary (Aug.) [/em]