cover image When the Goddess Wakes

When the Goddess Wakes

Howard Andrew Jones. St. Martin’s, $29.99 (336p) ISBN 978-1-250-14882-7

The riveting conclusion to Jones’s epic fantasy Ring-Sworn trilogy (after Upon the Flight of the Queen) pits the legendary Altenerai warriors against their most dangerous foes yet with the help of some surprising allies. The battle with the Naor is won, but now the Dendressi queen has fled to an unknown realm in a mad quest to wake a dangerous goddess who will erase and remake all the realms. It’s up to what remains of the Altenerai to find and stop her—and in order to cement their fragile new peace, the Naor leader joins them. But even working together, they are unable to stop the queen in time and the goddess is awakened. Luckily, the troops are rescued from certain death, but by the untrustworthy Cerai, an Altenerai traitor. With their forces dwindled and scattered, the Altenerai must accept Cerai’s help to survive the goddess, even knowing she’ll inevitably turn against them. Jones offers immensely satisfying answers to lingering questions about his complex world while keeping the reader hooked with vivid, creative descriptions of alternate realms and masterful character work. Filled with action and surprises, this emotional roller coaster brings the trilogy to a bittersweet but worthy conclusion. Agent: Bob Mecoy, Creative Book Services. (Aug.)