cover image Kitty Sweet Tooth

Kitty Sweet Tooth

Abby Denson, illus. by Utomaru. First Second, $17.99 (96p) ISBN 978-1-250-19677-4

If there’s one thing Kitty Sweet Tooth, a lavender, green-eyed cat in a yellow dress, loves more than eating desserts and going to the dentist, it’s visiting Pop-Pop at his Sweet Shop and watching movies at his Wonder Palace. But when she learns that Pop-Pop plans to sell the theater, Kitty thinks up a solution: “You can combine my two favorite things, sweets and movies.” Willing to entertain her idea for a month, Pop-Pop dubs Kitty the new theater manager. Teaming up with a magical duo, local scientist Dr. Battina Redwing and green-skinned humanoid Walter Witch, Kitty relaunches the theater as Taste-O-Rama, serving up such film pairings as flavor-changing cotton candy and Infinicrepe Cake. But things quickly go awry when magic and science mix. Filled with cinematic confections (“Planet of the Crepes”), Denson’s sweet adventure will please movie and dessert lovers alike. Bold line art and vivid colors by Utomaru enhance this candy-coated comedy. Back matter includes a recipe for making rock candy. Ages 6–10. (Apr.)