cover image Golden in Death

Golden in Death

J.D. Robb. St. Martin’s, $28.99 (384p) ISBN 978-1-250-20720-3

Set in New York City in 2061, bestseller Robb’s capable 50th In Death police procedural (after 2019’s Vendetta in Death) pits Lt. Eve Dallas against a particularly callous and ingenious assassin. One day, pediatrician Kent Abner receives a mysterious golden egg in the mail. When he opens the lid, the egg emits a deadly toxin that kills him. A loving husband, father, and grandfather, the victim was well liked in his West Village neighborhood. After questioning Abner’s work colleagues and relatives, Eve and her stalwart partner, Det. Delia Peabody, are unable to establish a motive or a viable suspect. However, when book club host Elise Duran is killed in an identical manner, Eve notices a link—both the victims’ spouses worked at the same private school. Dogged investigative work and a little assistance from her billionaire husband, Roarke, help strong, shrewd, reliable Eve bring the heinous killer to justice. The gripping plot builds to a dramatic finale. Robb shows no sign of losing steam. [em]750,000 announced first printing. Agent: Amy Berkower, Writers House. (Feb.) [/em]