cover image We Are Mayhem

We Are Mayhem

Michael Moreci. St. Martin’s, $28.99 (368p) ISBN 978-1-250-21638-0

In this stirring sequel to Black Star Renegades, reluctant hero Cade Sura and Kira Sen, the heroic daughter of a Praxian overlord, fight to expand their rebellion following a surprise victory against the evil Praxians. Although Cade has the legendary weapon called the Rokura, he doubts his ability to wield it without falling under its control. As he agonizes, the villainous Ga Halle plots to take it for herself. While Kira sets off on a secret mission that brings her face-to-face with the father who betrayed her and her mother, Cade seeks a way to learn more about the Rokura and its ancient maker, the mysterious Wu-Xia. Moreci’s story wears its antecedents proudly, from the Star Wars–crawl–style opening and flashback prologue to the talk of controlling mystical energies by truly knowing oneself. The novel is an even blend of high-energy battle scenes and trenchant moments of character interaction as heroes dive into “fighting for what [they] believe is right.” Returning readers and fans of intrigues and battles will enjoy this brisk space adventure series. (Apr.)