The Justice in Revenge

Ryan Van Loan. Tor, $27.99 (496p) ISBN 978-1-250-22261-9

With this intrigue-laden sequel to The Sin in the Steel, Van Loan once again pits his heroes against overwhelming odds. In 17-year-old street rat Buc’s ongoing quest to free the city of Servenza from the manipulation of the Dead Gods, she has obtained seats on the board of the powerful Kanados Trading Company for herself and her partner, ex-soldier Eld. But six months after a devastating factory fire, Buc’s reputation is tarnished and she’s experiencing inexplicable gaps in her memory. To preserve her newfound power and influence, Buc must investigate an assassination attempt on Servenza’s ruler. But with myriad enemies gunning for her, her own mind unreliable, and her allies pulling away—including Sin, a remnant of godly power residing in her head—Buc may have finally met a challenge she can’t handle. It’s fun to see the rough-hewn, contrary Buc navigating the perils of high society and her changing feelings for her partner, but many readers will be frustrated to see such a smart character repeatedly making foolish decisions. This second visit to the Renaissance Italy–esque world still leaves much to be explored, lending a somewhat claustrophobic feeling. Still, the combination of strange magic, visceral action, and multilayered intrigue is sure to please series fans. [em]Agent: DongWon Song, Howard Morhaim Literary. (July) [/em]