cover image Golden Boy: A Murder Among the Manhattan Elite

Golden Boy: A Murder Among the Manhattan Elite

John Glatt. St. Martin’s, $28.99 (320p) ISBN 978-1-250-27102-0

In this disturbing account, bestseller Glatt (The Perfect Father: The True Story of Chris Watts, His All-American Family, and a Shocking Murder) chronicles the life and trial of Tommy Gilbert Jr., who sent shock waves through New York City’s upper crust when he murdered his hedge fund manager father in 2015. Gilbert appeared to have it all: good looks, intelligence, elite pedigree, Princeton education, and a generous allowance from a loving family. But his parents used their wealth and influence to cover up their son’s deepening mental problems and escalating violent tendencies, which had already manifested in verbal attacks, physical assaults, and arson. Glatt uses extensive personal interviews, court records, and investigative reports to provide a comprehensive look at how Gilbert’s mental illness mainly went unchecked, leading to his final act of violence. (In 2019, he received the maximum sentence of 30 years to life). Beyond this specific murder, Glatt shares alarming revelations about the state of the mental health system, where psychiatrists are largely powerless to intervene even when they see serious psychological issues that could result in harm to the patient or others. This is must reading for true crime enthusiasts who prize depth over salaciousness. Agent: Jane Dystel, Dystel, Goderich & Bourret. (July)