cover image Float Plan

Float Plan

Trish Doller. Griffin, $16.99 trade paper (272p) ISBN 978-1-250-76794-3

A woman navigates her grief during a tumultuous sea voyage in YA author Doller’s moving adult debut (after Start Here). Ten months after 25-year-old Anna Beck’s fiancé, Ben Braithwaite, killed himself, Anna decides to embark on her own on the boat trip they had planned together, sailing around the world solo. But after a near collision at sea, she realizes she needs assistance and hires sailor Keane Sullivan to aid her on the voyage, at least as far as Puerto Rico. The close working and sleeping quarters create perfect conditions for romance as Keane and Anna’s professional relationship turns to friendship and a chance at something more. Doller expertly captures the tides of grief as Anna struggles with her sadness, guilt, and anger over Ben’s death and confusion about her mounting feelings for the charming Keane (“Is it too soon to want someone else? What happens to my love for Ben? Where does it go?”). But it’s not all gloom: the relationship between Anna and Keane is uplifting and convincing, and beautiful descriptions of their time at sea weave throughout. Doller’s expert balance of the sweet and the serious make this touching romance a sure success. Agent: Kate Schafer Testerman, KT Literary. (Mar.)