cover image The Witches of Bone Hill

The Witches of Bone Hill

Ava Morgyn. Griffin, $18 trade paper (416p) ISBN 978-1-250-83543-7

This wonderfully macabre contemporary fantasy from Morgyn (The Salt in Our Blood) deals in family secrets and bone magic. A messy divorce leaves Cordelia Bone’s life—and financial situation—in disarray. After the death of an aunt she’s never heard of, however, Cordelia and her estranged sister, Eustace, are surprised to learn that they’ve inherited Bone Hill, their aunt’s estate. Cordelia wants to sell, while Eustace thinks of moving in. Reluctantly reunited, the sisters discover that Bone Hill comes with much more than just a Victorian mansion and spooky crypt; it also contains family secrets, enlightening them both to a legacy of witchcraft. As Cordelia and Eustace awaken to their own magical abilities and learn Bone Hill’s dark history, mysterious threats appear around the estate—including dead animals and messages written in blood. It’s clear they’re being watched and that someone wants to drive the sisters from their new home. After a gruesome attack leaves Eustace in a coma, Cordelia must harness her ancestors’ powers to defeat the stalker. Morgyn’s chilling and atmospheric tale is darker than many of the recent slew of witchy contemporaries, though a romantic subplot for Cordelia adds some lightness amid the blood and gore. Readers will be spellbound. (Sept.)