cover image Mistakes Were Made

Mistakes Were Made

Meryl Wilsner. Griffin, $16.99 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-1-250-84100-1

Wilsner (Something to Talk About) puts a queer spin on the concept of the MILF in this hilarious, high-heat rom-com. College senior and aspiring aerospace engineer Cassie, 21, picks up medical doctor Erin, 38, at a bar. After parting ways, both women are shocked when they’re reunited at breakfast by Parker, Erin’s daughter and Cassie’s freshman friend. The whole affair should end there, but things heat up further over winter break when Cassie goes to stay with Parker, putting her and Erin under the same roof—and unable to resist temptation. Though they both feel crushing guilt about sneaking around behind Parker’s back and harbor reservations about entering a relationship, they struggle to keep their hands off each other. To make the dynamic work, Wilsner has to sell the off-the-charts chemistry—and succeeds in spades, producing some toe-curling sex scenes. The emotional slow-burn runs perhaps a bit too far behind the sexual fast-burn, but the women’s baggage is fleshed out just enough that, while their emotional constipation remains frustrating, it is at least believable. It feels inevitable that their lies will blow up in their faces, but instead Wilsner takes an unexpected route that may leave some readers slightly unsatisfied. Still, by coupling raunchy humor and genuine connection, Wilsner’s sophomore outing offers plenty to love. (Oct.)