cover image Gwen & Art Are Not in Love

Gwen & Art Are Not in Love

Lex Croucher. Wednesday, $20 (416p) ISBN 978-1-250847-21-8

In this riotous, queer Arthurian rom-com remix by Croucher (Infamous, for adults), no-nonsense teenage princess Gwendoline of Camelot and louche, sardonic Arthur—a descendant of Mordred—have been betrothed since birth. They claim to despise each other but have both accepted the inevitability of their marriage, meant to secure an alliance between their families. When Art comes to Camelot for the summer, the two quickly discover a complication: they’re both gay. Agreeing that a conspiratorial marriage of convenience might be the best way forward while they secretly pursue their preferred partners, the pair resolve to remain inconspicuous. But their burgeoning affections—Gwen for dashing knight Lady Bridget Leclair and Art for Gwen’s handsome and serious older brother Gabriel—throw a wrench in their plans. Then Camelot’s political climate begins shifting, threatening to unearth their secrets, and Gwen and Art must figure out whom they can trust if they’re going to make it out unscathed. Croucher’s simultaneously sharp and subtle prose boasts delicious banter and a propulsive story populated by intersectionally diverse characters whose interactions feel fresh and vital through the novel’s climactic conclusion. Ages 14–up. (Nov.)