cover image A Fragile Enchantment

A Fragile Enchantment

Allison Saft. Wednesday, $20 (384p) ISBN 978-1-250892-83-6

Saft (A Far Wilder Magic) expertly weaves together magic, political intrigue, and slow-burn romance in this evocative fantasy. When working-class dressmaker Niamh Ó Conchobhair is hired to use her magical abilities to create the marital outfits for high-society Infanta Rosa and Kit Carmine’s upcoming nuptials, she’s unprepared for the brutally frosty reception from Kit—as well as for how easy he is on the eyes—while she takes his measurements. As her feelings for Kit grow, so too does her awareness of how the court machinations Kit is embroiled in have devastated the rest of the kingdom. A gossip columnist known only as Lovelace blackmails Niamh into helping them uncover the Carmine family’s skeletons, forcing Niamh to choose between her perceived duty to the working class and her all-consuming love for Kit. Saft breathes enchanting life into this Regency-influenced fantasy world, and the intricate worldbuilding and class politics never come at the cost of the romantic leads’ titillating chemistry or the riveting plot that drives the action forward. Fans of both Regency romances and alternate-Earth fantasies will find much to pour over in this sweeping read. Characters are described with varying skin tones. Ages 13–up. Agents: Claire Friedman and Jessica Mileo, InkWell Management. (Jan.)