cover image Surrender


Ray Loriga. Mariner, $15.99 trade paper (224p) ISBN 978-1-328-52852-0

Loriga (Tokyo Doesn’t Love Us Anymore) envisions in this gripping tale an unsettling dystopia in which all secrets are forbidden. After 10 years of war, a couple and the child they found wandering the abandoned landscape are evacuated from their home and relocated to “the transparent city.” The glass-domed metropolis protects its citizens from the outside world while providing for their every need. Each wall, ceiling, and floor is see-through; everyone is assigned the same nondescript clothing; and the only prohibition is on “hiding or spying.” As the unnamed male half of the couple, who narrates, begins adjusting to the glimmering new world, where nothing is private and free will is sacrificed to strict order, he begins questioning the monotonous controlled life where “mysteries and desires are devoured” by “excessive visibility.” When the authorities discover he’s shared his concerns with coworkers, they give him a pill that sends him into a deep sleep. He awakens two days later, full of overwhelming feelings of acceptance and happiness despite knowing deep down he has nothing to celebrate. Worse, a renewed swell of resistance puts him at odds with his adopted son. Loriga’s chilling portent of the future will undoubtedly resonate with readers concerned about the erosion of privacy. This memorable page-turner will appeal to fans of Brave New World. [em](Feb.) [/em]