cover image Packs: Strength in Numbers

Packs: Strength in Numbers

Hannah Sayler. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, $17.99 (48p) ISBN 978-1-328-57788-7

From its incantatory opening—“Packs,/ herds,/ huddles,/ and pods./ Together,/ we are better”—Sayler’s artful exploration of creature behavior moves into examples of the way animals and insects find strength in numbers. Each pack-specific discussion ends with the refrain “Together, we”—bats communicate, flamingos dance. Refreshingly, Sayler looks beyond species stereotypes: “We lions live in a pride, and proud we are. Our strong bonds come from our keeping close... Together, we nurture!” Collective nouns are italicized (lions, pride; frogs, army). Sayler vividly illustrates joyful abundance, often juxtaposing a single blue-hued creature opposite vibrant spreads of groups in motion. The conclusion—“All together.../ ...we are better!”—is cannily paired with a bustling city park. The author’s note, opposite an illustrated key that names featured creatures, argues for preserving biodiversity. Ages 4–7. [em](Jan.) [/em]