cover image Off Limits Attraction

Off Limits Attraction

Jayci Lee. Harlequin Desire, $5.25 mass market (224p) ISBN 978-1-335-20951-1

Family loyalty is tested in the cute but formulaic finale to Lee’s Heirs of Hansol series (after Secret Crush Seduction). Jihae Park’s princess persona was “meticulously created by the Park family’s PR specialist.” Her polished image as the v-p of Rotelle Entertainment and heiress to the Rotelle Corporation is all the world knows of her. L.A. music producer Colin Song keeps his relation to the powerful Hansol family hidden, wishing to be judged on his character rather than his family connections. When Colin gets the opportunity to partner with Rotelle Entertainment, which he believes was behind a corporate espionage attempt against his cousin, the CEO of Hansol Corporation, he sees a chance to do some sleuthing. He takes the job, hoping to find evidence of the scheme against his family by getting close to Jihae—but he’s surprised to find she’s not at all the spoiled princess she appears to be. And though being with Colin could threaten Jihae’s carefully crafted image, she’s drawn to his adventurous spirit. Lee creates some truly sweet moments as the pair fall in love against their better judgments, but the moments of charm founder amid a cookie-cutter plot and thinly drawn characters. There’s some fun to be had here, but readers will hope Lee returns to form in her next project. Agent: Sarah Younger, Nancy Yost Literary. (Dec.)