cover image The Supernatural Society (The Supernatural Society #1)

The Supernatural Society (The Supernatural Society #1)

Rex Ogle. Inkyard, $16.99 (288p) ISBN 978-1-335-42487-7

Following his parents’ divorce, 12-year-old Guillermo “Will” Hunter moves with his Latinx mother from Brooklyn to the tiny island town of East Emerson, Mass., which he swiftly discovers is inhabited by all manner of myths, monsters, and magical creatures that only he can see, including librarian lamias and mummy history teachers. Happily, he soon befriends a couple of classmates: energetic, athletic Korean American Ivy, who can view the monsters using an enchanted ring, and her Black adopted brother, bookish Linus, who’s unaware of the beings. As the pets of the town, including Will’s dog, begin to disappear, the tween encounters a prophecy: “Find the animals, destroy the crown. Save the animals, and save the town.” Now he and his new friends must figure out how to thwart an ancient evil. Narrated by an unseen Adam Monster with an alliterative, wry voice, this tongue-in-cheek adventure scatters beginner-level secret messages and puzzles—sometimes engaging, sometimes distracting—throughout the text as Ogle’s (Punching Bag) intrepid heroes unravel the secrets of their monster-infested home. A lively tale mixing humor, horror, and heart. Ages 8–12. Agent: Brent Taylor, Triada US. (Feb.)