cover image Sister Stardust

Sister Stardust

Jane Green. Hanover Square, $27.99 (336p) ISBN 978-1-335-42578-2

Green (The Friends We Keep) delves in her shimmering latest into the short life of real-life Dutch socialite Talitha Getty, via the perspective of a woman who met her during the swinging ’60s. As an English widow named Claire goes through her attic, she discovers a box of mementos from her trip to Morocco in the 1960s. Green then flashes back to 1966 Dorset, where Claire, eager to get away from her critical stepmother, flees to London and finds work at a women’s clothing store. Claire begins dating John McKenna, who introduces her to people in the music industry, members of the newly popular Rolling Stones among them. As Claire becomes immersed in London’s vibrant 1960s music scene, she joins her newfound friends on a trip to Morocco where she meets Talitha Getty, a beautiful fashion figure and wife of J. Paul Getty Jr. Claire enjoys her close friendship with Talitha and is drawn into Talitha’s indulgent world of drugs and sex, until the glamour of that life wanes when an accident befalls a member of Claire’s new circle. Green convincingly describes the appeal of the music scene, as well as the allure of her beautiful characters, both famous and fictional. Green’s fans will be delighted by this story of glitter and tragedy. (Apr.)