cover image LOUD AND CLEAR


Anna Quindlen, . . Random, $24.95 (320pp) ISBN 978-1-4000-6112-9

Bestselling author Quindlen (One True Thing ; A Short Guide to a Happy Life ; etc.), a veteran reporter and winner of the Pulitzer Prize for commentary, couldn't have picked a more apt title for her latest collection of columns from Newsweek and the New York Times . Whether or not readers agree with Quindlen's opinions on everything from youth culture to gun control, these razor-sharp musings will open avenues of debate and discussion long after the book is closed. Quindlen is at the top of her game when she turns her eagle eye on the tiny threads that make up the fiber of domestic life. After all, "The world of children and child-rearing is social history writ small but indelible, whether it's the minutia of Barbie dolls and Power Ranger action figures or the phenomenon of books like Harry Potter or The Cat in the Hat . It's a shared experience, not just for the children but for their parents, and a snapshot of where we were then." The only weak link in this memorable book is the scant connective tissue between sections. Quindlen divides the essays by theme—heart, mind, soul, voice and body—and while the individual pieces shine, the overviews of each topic provide thin explanations for why they are grouped this way. Overall, however, this is not a matter of great concern. Quindlen's columns speak for themselves, loud and clear. (On sale Apr. 6)

Forecast: Although all of these essays have been previously published, the book should still attract an enormous number of buyers. National TV and radio interviews in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as print ads and a chapter sampler promo, will ensure high visibility.