cover image Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon

Jill Thompson. DC, $22.99 (128 p) ISBN 978-1-4012-4901-4

Thompson’s (Sandman) retelling of the origin of Wonder Woman settles the story squarely in Greek mythology. The Amazon women, led by Queen Hippolyta, are driven from their home in a bloody war with Herakles. With the establishment of a peaceful, paradisiacal nation on the island of Themyscira, Hippolyta longs only for one thing, a child. The gods grant her wish and provide a daughter, who is doted on and loved by every woman on the island. Diana grows up strong, brave, beautiful, and spoiled rotten. When her recklessness leads to a terrible accident, Diana learns to face consequences for the first time. The pages are painted in gorgeous, detailed watercolors. The racially diverse Amazons live in palaces of white marble and dance in gardens overflowing with flowers and fruit. Though the narration often tells exactly what the artwork shows, giving some pages a repetitive feel, this is a solid introduction to Wonder Woman and her world that will appeal to all ages. (Oct.)