cover image A Tapestry of Dreams

A Tapestry of Dreams

Roberta Gellis, Sourcebooks/Casablanca, $9.99 trade paper (496p) ISBN 978-1-4022-5498-7

Putting an interesting spin on the war-torn historical romance, this novel takes the revolutionary step of refusing to choose sides. Caught in the 12th-century English succession war between the Empress Matilda and King Stephen, Lady Audris and her family don't actually care who wins. They simply want to protect the city of Wark and their subjects from the messy civil war. Similarly, Audris is entirely sympathetic to her uncle's desire to keep control of her land; rather than branding him as a selfish tyrant, she resolves not to marry rather than dispossess him. Despite this vow, Audris is immediately attracted to dashing suitor Hugh Licorne, but the two are divided by issues of illegitimacy, family loyalty, and wartime expediency. A set of prophetic tapestries and Hugh's mysterious origins contribute to an enjoyably rich story crammed full of plot. This epic is perfect for readers who like an extra dose of history in their romance. (May)