cover image Future of Men

Future of Men

Marian Salzman, Ira Matathia, Ann O'Reilly. Palgrave MacMillan, $24.95 (256pp) ISBN 978-1-4039-6882-1

There have been several attempts to establish an umbrella term to serve for men as ""feminism"" has served for women, note the authors. ""Masculinism"" hasn't quite sparked interest in the ""popular imagination,"" and while ""Metrosexual"" remains firmly rooted in everyday vernacular, it only applies to a specific section of the male population. Cue the emergence of the latest buzzword to be hyped by trend spotting trio Salzman, Matathia and O'Reilly (Next: Trends for the Near Future)- ""M-ness"" (or ""My-ness"") which is loosely defined as men who ""do exactly what it takes to get what they want, when they want it."" This can include finding an attractive partner (male or female), achieving power and wealth, and honing one's health and physical prowess. According to the authors, this ""Dawning of the Age of M-Ness"" is in direct response to social-psychological shifts taking place between the sexes, where the ""female's need for the male... is tied to biological function rather than the provision of food, shelter, protection, or even comfort."" Written with great elan and hyperbolic vigor, the book features a liberal dose of media and pop-cultural references alongside excerpts from 70 interviews conducted with ""real people."" Based on these observations, the authors have identified what they believe to be the pinnacle of M-ness- the ""Ubersexual"" -an extension of the metrosexual, minus the sexual ambiguity. (For example, both Metrosexuals and Ubersexuals like to shop, but the Ubersexual is more focused and only purchases items that ""enhance his collection."") Targeted at readers looking to connect with the elusive male consumer, the book should stimulate more than its share of water cooler conversations and trend-forecasting magazine articles.