cover image All the Places You'll Go.... Except When You Don't

All the Places You'll Go.... Except When You Don't

John Ortberg. Tyndale, $22.99 (288p) ISBN 978-1-4143-7900-5

God provides many doors of opportunity, but how do we know which ones to walk through and which to leave shut? Instead of waiting for instructions, the answer might be as simple as choosing a door and walking through, according to Ortberg (The Life You've Always Wanted). The book's title is inspired by career advice gleaned from Dr. Seuss, and Ortberg weaves humor through his presentation. He details how people approach the doors God places in front of them (illustrations depict different styles of doors at the start of each chapter), giving tips on how to recognize them and walk through them or not. Ortberg insightfully challenges myths about what open doors mean and advises readers to be thankful for closed doors. What's behind a closed door might not be good for someone, or might require more personal or spiritual growth. Welcoming God across the threshold of the heart and asking for wisdom in making choices are the master keys to opening the door to life's blessings, Ortberg writes. Agency: Yates & Yates. (Mar.)