cover image The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

The Little Lady Agency and the Prince

Hester Browne, . . Pocket, $24 (391pp) ISBN 978-1-4165-3906-3

Melissa Romney-Jones, recently returned from New York, where she got engaged in the last installment (Little Lady, Big Apple ) to handsome Jonathan Riley, is a proper British fixer for the romantically impaired. Now she's knee-deep in royal slime after she agrees to turn smarmy prince Nicolas von Helsing-Alexandros into a perfect gentleman. In short order, Melissa slides into her alter ego, Honey, a powerhouse goddess in skin-tight pencil skirts and bust-enhancing tops that help keep Nicky, with his wandering eye and womanizing ways, focused on her and her makeover attempts. Meanwhile, as Melissa and Jonathan plan their wedding, Jonathan devolves from wonderboy real estate guru and dreamy hunk to a controlling jerk, leading Melissa to believe her trusty best friend Nelson could be the man of her dreams. Browne is in great form in this page-turning love story, and Melissa is as endearing and empowering as ever—the perfect lead for this contemporary fairy tale. (Feb.)