cover image You're Different and That's Super

You're Different and That's Super

Carson Kressley, Author, Jared Lee, Illustrator , illus. by Jar

Kressley, best known as the fashion stylist on TV's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy , encourages readers to embrace their individuality in this chipper riff on The Ugly Duckling , set on a horse farm. When an orphaned colt with a snow-white coat and super-loud whinny (earning him the name Trumpet) arrives on the scene one spring, the other foals treat him like a brother. But as time passes and Trumpet begins to grow a horn on his forehead, the ponies ostracize him, whispering nasty comments like "Icky" and "Weird!" The ensuing painful loneliness leads Trumpet to believe that "Different is awful." A fire in the barn, however, proves an opportunity for Trumpet to save the day and demonstrate just how super it is being a "different" pony—nay, unicorn. Kressley's message-driven text gallops along nicely, accented by perky vocabulary and universal emotions (those familiar with the author can almost hear him say of the ponies, "In the fall they discovered scrum-diddly-umptious apples together"). Lee's (the Black Lagoon series) wiry black-and-white ink drawings ring both poignant and humorous notes. The small trim size makes this an attractive choice for sharing or gift giving. Ages 3-8. (Nov.)