cover image It's OK if You're Clueless

It's OK if You're Clueless

Terry McMillan, , read by Patricia R. Floyd. . Recorded Books, $19.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-1-4193-9733-2

It's a treat to hear the often-cranky McMillan's motherly, caring side sneak out, which it does on this audiobook born of a speech she gave to son Solomon's high school graduating class. Notwithstanding Floyd's sassy sista-girl voice with a Terry-like accent, listeners familiar with McMillan's voice might feel shortchanged that she did not narrate this single disc. Otherwise, this music-free CD is perfect for a young adult attention span: short, funny, hip, yet insightful and heartfelt. After the introduction—which explains that the speech covers what McMillan wished she'd known as a high school graduate in the class of 1969—are 23 commonsense tips (from "Sit up straight and walk tall" to "Don't listen to your parents") to guide young adults through the confusing sea of hormones and homework, influences and inspirations. The nurturing tone only underscores how much more momentous it might have been if McMillan herself had narrated this important departure from her bestselling relationship-based fiction. And her money's where her mouth is: the introduction notes that Solomon graduated from Stanford University in last month. Simultaneous release with the Viking hardcover. (May)

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