cover image Be Careful, Icarus!

Be Careful, Icarus!

Joan Holub, illus. by Leslie Patricelli. Abrams Appleseed, $6.95 (24p) ISBN 978-1-4197-1677-5

In the fifth entry in the Mini Myths series, a young Icarus proves just as reckless as his mythological forebear. This time around, though, the worst that happens is that Icarus spills some paint and gets his kite stuck in a tree after he tries to fly it ever higher. “Don’t worry. We can fix it,” reassures Icarus’s father, who goes unnamed in this abbreviated adaptation. Like the previous books in the series, it’s a playful modern-day riff on a classic mythological tale; readers curious about the original can get a taste of it in a brief recounting on the final page. Simultaneously available: Please Share, Aphrodite! Ages 1–3. Author’s agent: Liza Pulitzer Voges, Eden Street Literary. Illustrator’s agent: Rebecca Sherman, Writers House. (Sept.)