cover image Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer

Mary Burton, . . Zebra, $6.99 (380pp) ISBN 978-1-4201-0027-3

A taut race to identify and apprehend the person who is killing look-alikes of popular Richmond, Va., TV anchorwoman Kendall Shaw is enhanced with a dash of sexual tension plus generous handfuls of emotional baggage. After two women who resemble Kendall are found dead, it's clear that sooner or later the killer will directly target the aggressive newscaster. As homicide detective Jacob Warwick, who saw Kendall at her most vulnerable after rescuing her from an insane kidnapper, struggles with his attraction to her, he also needs to simultaneously protect her and keep her sharp reporter's instincts away from police business, all while she denies that she's in danger or needs any help. With a gift for artful obfuscation, Burton juggles a budding romance and two very plausible might-be perpetrators right up to the tense conclusion. (Nov.)