cover image A Little Bit Wild

A Little Bit Wild

Victoria Dahl, Zebra, $6.99 paper (352p) ISBN 9781420104837

The classic Beauty and the Beast tale is twisted into something new in Dahl's latest historical romance. Marissa York is no demure debutante. She's 22 years old, stubborn, and very curious about sex. But after losing her virtue to a disappointing suitor, Marisa is doomed to ruin. To save her reputation, her family enlists Jude Bertrand, a duke's heir, to marry her. But Marissa is appalled at the idea of marrying the unattractive Jude. Slowly, however, Marisa and Jude grow extremely passionate about each other. It's not all pleasure, as there is also a blackmailer threatening to expose the scandal. Marissa's relatives, rash and overly dramatic, are entertaining and likeable. Though it's clear why the beast wants to marry the beauty, it's mind-boggling that he loves her. Marissa starts out shallow and remains so. Still, it's good beach reading: funny and unlike the others just enough to be worthwhile. (Aug.)