cover image Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Diana Palmer, Rebecca Zanetti, and Kate Pearce. Zebra, $8.99 mass market (272p) ISBN 978-1-4201-5149-7

Each of the three racy novellas in this fun romance anthology feature lone wolf heroes—all emotionally scarred former military service members—and their literal wolf companions in rugged ranch country. In Palmer’s “Colorado Cowboy,” wildlife rehabilitator and one-armed Iraq vet Butch Matthews rescues Esther Marist from her mother’s murderous ex-boyfriend—and lusty sparks soon fly between the pair. Beth Baker, the ex-wife of an abusive criminal, now raising two teenage boys on her own, is alerted that her tenant, grumpy former SEAL Conner O’Neil, has suffered an accident by Conner’s pet wolf in Pearce’s “The Wolf on Her Doorstep.” While overseeing his recovery, Beth, who’s sick of “always doing the right thing,” finds the “wrong” thing downright irresistible. Zanetti’s “Rescue: Cowboy Style” finds sweet heroine Hallie fleeing vindictive crooks. Former mercenary Trent Logan offers her a job, finds she can cook, and, with help from his beloved wolf and colorful pals, lands the baddies in jail and Hallie in his marriage bed. These passionate tales will have romance fans hooked.[em] (Apr.) [/em]