cover image The Wishing Quilt

The Wishing Quilt

Jodi Thomas, Lori Wilde, and Patience Griffin. Zebra, $16.95 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-1-4201-5374-3

The art of quilting plays a pivotal role in helping lonely, wounded souls find their hearts’ desires in these three uplifting contemporary romance novellas. In Thomas’s sweet “The Secret Wish,” Avery, a ballet dancer recovering from a grave injury, inherits her great-grandmother’s quilt shop in small-town While-a-Way, Tex., on the condition that she run it for a year before deciding to sell. A shy sheriff with a crush and an unexpected gunfight add both romance and suspense as Avery discovers new ways to keep dancing in her life. Wilde’s tender second-chance romance, “Wish upon a Wedding,” reunites former lovers Dalton and Elle, who met as teens at the Dusty Sagebrush Ranch bereavement camp. A decade after their breakup, Elle returns to the ranch for her sister’s wedding—and her old-fashioned bachelorette quilting bee—only to discover that Dalton is the new owner and the mastermind behind converting the property into a wedding venue. Finally, Alaskan fabric designer Paige and Texas rancher Holt strike up a connection at Houston’s Quilt Market, tempting Paige to take another shot at love, in Griffin’s heartwarming “When You Wish upon a Quilt.” All three outings are as satisfying as they are sweet. Craft-loving romance fans will be especially pleased. (Sept.)