cover image Wildflowers of Terezin

Wildflowers of Terezin

Robert Elmer, . . Abingdon, $13.99 (335pp) ISBN 978-1-4267-0192-4

With combined sales exceeding a half a million books, inspirational author Elmer has transitioned nicely from his previous vocations as a pastor, reporter, and an ad copywriter. Elmer’s (The Duet ) newest subject focuses on the Danish perspective of the Nazi takeover and extradition of the Jews. Written in quick-step style, Elmer does a fine job mixing a bit of joviality to help balance out the weighty and disturbing subject matter of this particular period of Danish history. The text centers on a burgeoning romantic relationship between Jewish nurse Hanne Abrahamsen and Danish Lutheran pastor Steffen Peterson. With a casual, impersonal faith, Pastor Steffen is challenged by his younger brother Henning’s commitment to the Resistance. Similarly, Steffen finds himself drawn to nurse Hanne and her courageous zeal to help the afflicted. Circumstances throw the two together and each begins a deeper, more introspective search for truth amidst life, death, and rampant suffering. Elmer’s work is so unaffected and genuinely heartfelt that readers find they are willingly reawakened to the horrors of genocide. (Apr.)