cover image Back in Play

Back in Play

Linda Aicher. Carina, $4.99 e-book (178p) ISBN 978-1-4268-9941-6

Aicher’s memorable second Power Play sports contemporary (after Game Play) highlights the romance between an aging hockey player and a high school calculus teacher. While Rachel Fielding is visiting her brother in Minneapolis, she meets famed hockey player Scott Walters at a wedding reception. Their slow dance attests to an instant attraction, and Rachel is thrilled when Scott calls her a few days later to suggest dinner. Their date leads to a week of desire and sex, but Rachel knows that she must return to her home in Atlanta. She’s certain that a long- distance relationship won’t work, even with the most loving, considerate, sexy man she has ever met. After she uncovers his darkest secret, she is committed to staying by his side as he faces his demons. Aicher’s romance is both sensual and moving as Rachel and Scott decide what is most important in their lives and build a future for their relationship. (May)